Hiya, I'm Sam and I am the owner, designer and maker here at Torc Jewellery, a gemstone jewellery company which I started in 2000. I'm located to the north of the creative county of Staffordshire, where I am surrounded by the county's wealth of industrial heritage, as well as rolling farmland and pockets of ancient woodland.

I am inspired by where I live and all the wonderful people that share this lovely place with me.

Back in 1999 I saw a gemstone necklace that I liked in a shop window. To be honest I had never made any jewellery before, and I was just going to make myself a necklace and a couple of pairs of earrings, but I was instantly asked to make one for a friend, and then another and so on. Safe to say that my original idea has gotten away from me!

I took my jewellery designs to my first craft fair in June 2000 and, although it has not always been easy, I have never looked back. Even after all this time I still love meeting the people that buy my jewellery; our conversations spark the ideas that I get for future designs, or send me off on the hunt for particular gemstones. I love our passionate conversations about the gemstones that we love, and anyone that has met me knows that I am on a mission to spread my love of Labradorite - one gemstone bead, one jewellery design, one person at a time!

I am happy to say that I still make that first necklace design - the other day I even met someone wearing the necklace that they bought in 2001


About Sam

Although she loves designing and making jewellery she is happiest outdoors (usually walking and cycling anywhere) where she also gets lots of her inspiration for colour combinations. She has a passion for gemstones of all kinds and Labradorite in particular, wearing odd earrings, yoga, stacking bracelets, walking, gardening and low-maintenance jewellery.


About Torc Jewellery

The design collections are always evolving; there are perennial Signature Collection favourites, as well as new limited edition design collections for each season. Each collection features pieces that are perfectly designed for you to layer and stack together, and that also sit comfortably with pieces from other design collections.

These designs can also be highly personalised - length, fit, earring setting can all be customised to your specific preference using the standard options available, or by contacting Sam direct with your wish list.

Sam's jewellery designs are predominantly simple and un-fussy and are perfect for everyday wear; this uncluttered, minimalist style allows the quality of the gemstones to take centre stage and reflects Sam's very practical nature. The designs reflect our growing movement away from short-lived trends - there is nothing 'throw away' or disposable about this jewellery. We are moving more towards gathering a collection of classic staple designs that stand the test of time, and continue to look fresh year after year.

Unusual gemstones and unusual surface treatments always feature widely across each season's collections. The use of Stainless Steel in all the designs enhances the casual, low-maintenance nature of the jewellery.


Where to find Torc Jewellery

Torc Jewellery exhibits at regular monthly Artisan, Makers, Producers and Farmers markets throughout North Staffordshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester, as well as promoting events and new designs through social media


Please see the events diary/calendar for more details about my regular markets, or find my public pages on

Instagram: @torcjewellery, and Facebook: torc.torcjewellery